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Govert Schilling

Lecturer Astronomy


Govert Schilling (1956) is an internationally acclaimed freelance astronomy writer and a member of the Planetary Society who lives and works in the Netherlands. Most of his articles appear in Dutch newspapers and magazines, but he also wrote numerous stories for Science and New Scientist, and he is a contributing editor of Sky &Telescope. He published some fifty popular books about a wide variety of astronomical topics, some of which have been translated in English (including 'Evolving Cosmos', 'The Hunt for Planet X' and 'Eyes on the Skies'). Over the past ten years, he served as an astronomical tour guide on a number of total solar eclipse trips organized by travel organizations. He is also the owner and editor of the popular (Dutch) astronomy portal www.allesoversterrenkunde.nl.

Join special astronomy expert Govert Schilling on our EXPEDITION TO SOUTH GEORGIA, Nov 4 - 22, 2010,
Ushuaia - Falklands - South Georgia - Antarctic Peninsula




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