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Tibet Expedition

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Tibet Expedition

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Tibet Eclipse 2020

Dear Travelers:
We invite you to explore Tibet in 2020 and see the Annular Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020.

Centerline of totality for this Eclipse arcs from Ethiopia, across Tibet and China. We will see the eclipse at the “Top of the World” in Tibet. It will be an excellent location for viewing the eclipse.

Tibet eclipse map

Our adventure will begin with a visit to Chengdu, vibrant capital city of Sichuan. We will then fly west to explore the cultural heart of Tibet. The Tibetan Plateau has long been a place of fascination for Western naturalists and explorers.

Our first destination in Tibet will be Tsedang near some
of the oldest villages and sacred sites in Tibet. They predate Buddhism in this area by more than a thousand years.

Lhasa is renowned for its sacred sites, and has profound spiritual significance to the Tibetan people. These include Jorkang Temple, the Potala and Norbulinka Palace, the residences of the Dalai Lama, and Ganden Monastery, poised dramatically on a ridge that overlooks the upper reaches of the Lhasa Valley.

We will also explore Namco Lake which lies in a basin at 15,500 feet elevation. Here the air is extraordinarily clear, offering luminous vistas of glaciated peaks that encircle the basin. Semi-nomadic families live here during summer, tending their herds of yaks and ponies.

Northeast of Namco Lake we will reach our site for the Annular Solar Eclipse where we will watch the “Ring of Fire” cross over the Tibetan Plateau. It will be a fascinating

Although the Tibetan Plateau is quite high, we will spend most of our time at moderate elevations. Lhasa is 11,700 feet above sea level. After a few days, most visitors acclamatize and do fine at these elevations. Our highest point overall is the pass that leads to Namco Lake at 16,900 feet. We will see the eclipse at 15,000 feet. This excursion probably will set a few personal altitude records for out travelers!

We hope that you will join us to explore Tibet and the
2020 Annular Solar Eclipse. Space is limited, so please let us know right away.


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$4,995 plus air

Brochure (PDF)



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