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M/V Ushuaia

Traveler ans seal



Mother and baby penguin


With South Georgia & The Falkland Islands
November 23-December 15, 2021

Optional Peru Pre-Trip, November 17-23, 2021

Optional Easter Island Pre-Trip, November 17-23, 2021

We invite you to join us for a unique voyage to see a cosmic wonder in a polar wonderland! This is truly a trip of a lifetime.

We will embark on the ultimate Eclipse experience from Ushuaia, Argentina, to view the Total Solar Eclipse on December 4, 2021 aboard the new M/V Janssonius, at one of the wildest and least-known places on the planet!

Antarctica 2021 Expedition Map

This 20 day/19 night voyage includes visits to some of the most picturesque locations in the Southern Hemisphere. You’ll explore iconic icescapes and unique vistas of the Antarctic Peninsula.

To witness the Total Solar Eclipse, the ship will position in the center of the Moon shadow at the edge of the sea ice in the Weddell Sea.

You’ll also explore South Georgia, where you’ll have a hard time deciding what you love more: all the beautiful penguins, seals, and seabirds, or all the breathtaking mountains, bays, and beaches. You’ll make landings in the Falkland Islands, a florally and culturally rich photographer’s paradise featuring more exotic seabirds than you can point a camera at.

Though you can see a Total Solar Eclipse elsewhere from time to time, none of them offers as unique a “venue” as Antarctica. Combine that with everything else you’ll enjoy during this voyage and you will have a truly exceptional adventure. Reserve your place now and experience it for yourself! Don’t miss the chance to see one of Earth’s most wondrous cosmic events in one of Earth’s most fantastic places!

Call Taunya for reservations! Phone (800) 252-4910 or Email: email

Starting at $16,400 + air.

Brochure (PDF)

Peru Pre-Trip Brochure (PDF)

Easter Island Pre-Trip Brochure (PDF)



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