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Antarctica Expedition

We invite you to join our voyage to Antarctica, February 23–March 9, 2017, including the Annular Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017 south of Trelew, Argentina.

This will be the only Antarctica voyage in memory which includes a nearby Solar Eclipse! We will be able to see the Annular Eclipse south of Trelew, Argentina, which is famous for its wildlife, including Magellanic penguins.Antarctia Voyage Map

Considered by scientists and travelers as one of the last pristine regions and one of the Earth’s most inhospitable habitats, Antarctica offers the world’s most magnificent wilderness with icebergs sculpted by the sea and breathtaking scenery.

Wildlife thrives in the nutrient-rich waters that surround Antarctica. Here we will find humpback, minke, southern right, and fin whales, along with several species of true and fur seals and tens of thousands of penguins.

Antarctica holds many answers to the world’s past climate in the thousands of years of data in the polar cap ice cores. It has been bombarded by meteorites, and some have come from the Moon and even Mars.

Days will be filled with expedition landings in zodiacs, cruising amid ice floes and icebergs, and quietly watching the antics of the penguins, seals, and whales. Short walks will allow you to discover the “White Continent.”

There will be intriguing talks on the geology and history of Antarctic exploration, marine mammals, penguins, climate change, and the Annular Eclipse.


We will be traveling with a Betchart naturalist with years of experience in Antarctica and an expert from The Planetary Society aboard the 88-passenger M/V Ushuaia (formerly a NASA oceanographic research vessel).

We hope you will join our Antarctica adventure and share the discovery of this magnificent continent with us, including the Annular Solar Eclipse—a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Best Regards, Margaret M. Betchart
President, Betchart Expeditions Inc

Starting at $8,695 + air.

Brochure (Requires an Adobe pdf reader to view)


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